Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blog head quarters

the blue hand wreath took me like 3 weeks to make because i dont have a sowing machine i had to do it all by hand. for 3 weeks all i did was sow and watch day time tv. i made this because we have this tradition in Serbia when someone dies you put a huge wreath of roses and like a sash on their grave and when my Deda died i was in Australia and working out shit for uni so i couldnt fly over to Belgrade for the funeral. my dad was in Singapore (just fucking around) so he flew over but i felt really at a loss cos i couldnt be with my family so i made this.
the red wool installation is way less meaningful. my best friend cimi was getting her hair cut and her hair is fucking long sir, like a horses tail and i was like "i wish i could lie under your hair on a skateboard or some form of plank with wheels and just roll under your hair" (just call me mrs. bizarro) so i made this. it looks dope at night when you shine a torch on it.
the tin foil on the wall is just me ripping off andy warhol.

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