Sunday, June 20, 2010


is anyone pretty creeped out by this shit?

also this is my favourite webiste
basically everything you ever wanted to know right?

train drawing

some parting gifts i whipped up today on my voyage from the south side to the north
this was supposed to say "fast food is pretty delicious" but i ran out of room
this is just crap really
this is my pimply friend batty drinking abortion juice with a demon.
gift for mia
talking some jive with mia and alice

leaving tuesday night so these may be the last drawings you'll get over the next 5 weeks if i cant get a hold of a scanner in the time-warp that is eastern europe.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

vrati do Beograd (back to Belgrade)

22nd of June to the 1st of August i will be in my mother country of Serbia. i dont know if i will have access to a scanner over there or not but if not there will be a bonanza blog special when i get back. sorry for not posting in a while i've been working on a big soft sculpture and havent had time to draw but its sort of nearly finished and i think you will dig it. enjoy your holidays thanks for following zee blowg.